Our New Personal Trainer: Noelle

shutterstock_175667720We have a new Resident Personal Trainer, Noelle, at CTV to help you get prepared for those New Year’s Resolutions! She has prepared some fit tips for holiday survival…

“Surviving the holidays is one of the hot topics in health and fitness. With all the Christmas cookies, New Year’s drinks and, not to mention that delicious spread on Thanksgiving, we need to create an agenda that will help limit the affect it will have on our health. The number one thing I tell my clients is to plan ahead. Here is a list of things to
initiate throughout the holiday cheer:

  • Schedule in a work out and allow time for yourself.
  • Pre-portion meals and use a smaller plate.
  • Keep the cookies in the freezer or out of sight when company
    is not around.
  • You will eat less wrapped candies than ones that are sitting
    there ready and waiting.
  • Allow yourself a dessert, just not 5 or 6.
  • Eat slower and keep in touch with how you are feeling- it
    takes up to 20 minutes before you feel signs that you are
    getting full.

But with all that being said, ultimately just enjoy your holidays, have fun with family and friends! Don’t stress yourself if you can’t follow to your plan exactly; just do the best you can. One day isn’t going to kill your diet or health plan, when it becomes a habit is when you see the negative impact.”

Crime Alert & Community Watch

shutterstock_288803633.jpgPlease make sure that you have all bicycles and other transportation items chained, locked and secured when left on your patios for storage. We have been made aware of bicycles in the area that have gone missing.  Also, our courtesy officer has informed us that the W-S and Clemmons areas have had a lot of “chance thefts” from vehicles where doors have been left unlocked and belongings have been stolen.  Please take care to lock all of your vehicle doors, at all times.

Are you interested in keeping an eye on things happening around our community? Would you like to feel more involved with other members of the community? Interested in starting or joining a resident community watch?

Anyone who is interested should give us a call at the office. We would gladly facilitate a meeting with other interested residents and provide a meeting place!


Know your lease.

At the end of the initial rental term, this agreement shall be automatically renewed on a month-to-month basis under the same terms and conditions unless…: (1) You or We provide the other with a written notice of termination at least 60 days prior to the end of the initial rental term…”

What Does This Mean? Your lease agreement requires that you submit a letter to the rental office stating when you will be moving out, at least two months before your lease expires.  If you don’t get that notice letter submitted in time, it means you will be paying an extra months’ rent at the month-to-month rate of $799, in order to fulfil your notice obligation!  You should submit your notice to vacate letter about the same time that you receive your 1st renewal offer letter.

Happy Thanksgiving


In observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday, our office
will be CLOSED from Thursday November 26th
through Sunday November 29th.
We will reopen Monday November 30th at 8:30 AM.
Wishing you and your families a Happy and Safe
Holiday from your Clemmons Trace
Village Management Team!

Halloween at Clemmons Trace Village

Community Halloween Decoration Contest!  Win a $25 Gift Card if you have the spookiest, coolest Halloween decorations in the neighborhood!

Trick-or-Treat!  Picture1Stop by the office on Friday October 30th between 3PM-5PM for a treat!  Please be on the look out for trick-or-treaters making their way through the neighborhood on Saturday October 31st.  If you plan on handing out candy, please turn your front porch light on.

Our friendly and professional staff are here for you.

Site Information

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday  8:30-5:30

Saturday  10:00-4:00

Management Staff:

Stephanie Wilson

Community Manager

Cathy Burton

Leasing Manager

Contact information:

114-1 Willow Trace Circle

Clemmons, NC  27012

Phone:    (336) 245-8383

Fax:        (336) 245-8428

After-Hours Emergency Maintenance:  (336) 341-3728


We’re on Facebook and Twitter!


Mr. Fix-It Says

· As you turn your HVAC systems over to heat entering the cooler fall months, it is common for there to be burning smell and often smoke alarms beeping as the dust that has accumulated since last season clears out of the vents.  Do not be alarmed, this is perfectly normal!  If the smell persists, or you feel there are other issues, please give the office a call.

· Flip the switch at the base of your ceiling fans to a  counter-clockwise rotation to maximize the circulation of your heat.

· Set your thermostat on a moderate temperature and leave it.  You will save money on your energy bill because your heat doesn’t have to work as hard when it just has to maintain a constant temperature.

Community Yard Sale

Saturday October 3rd

7:00 A.M.—12:00 P.M.

Gather up your discards and unused items, it’s time for our Community Yard Sale!

Make a little extra cash and meet some of your neighbors at the same time.


Give Cathy a call at the office to find out where you can set up your station on yard sale day.

We will put out signs and advertise the event online. Happy Yard-Selling!

With Mardi Gras starting today, you may

With Mardi Gras starting today, you may find yourself in the spirit but not the right location. We at #ClemmonsTraceVillage want you to feel included, and thought this link might be a good way to show your Mardi Gras style no matter where you happen to be. Enjoy. Laissez les bons temps rouler! http://ow.ly/J0Gvw

We at #ClemmonsTraceVillage wish everyon

We at #ClemmonsTraceVillage wish everyone a happy President’s Day. In honor of this holiday, our office will be closed today but will re-open on Tuesday, February 17th. We’ll see you then.