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#ClemmonsTraceVillage recognizes that lo

#ClemmonsTraceVillage recognizes that love shares many forms and is shared between spouses and partners, children and parents, family and friends. As we wish all of you a happy Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to check out this site. There are some great quotes here that can really make you think.

The Valentine’s Day Open House at #Clem

The Valentine’s Day Open House at #ClemmonsTraceVillage is NOW OPEN! Come on out!

Looking for ways to celebrate Fall and c

Looking for ways to celebrate Fall and create new traditions (or maybe revive some older ones)? Check out this link from #ClemmonsTraceVillage. Enjoy!

Summer always holds a promise of adventu

Summer always holds a promise of adventures yet to be filled. It brings to mind thoughts of beaches, schools closing, cool pool water, catching lightning bugs in a mason jar, honeysuckle on the vine, and lazy evenings. With the Summer now in full swing, we at #ClemmonsTraceVillage wanted to check in to see what your favorite memory has been this Summer? Was it a trip somewhere? Maybe that big fish you reeled in on a lazy summer day? Or, perhaps, it was rekindling a friendship with someone while enjoying a cool summer night outside. Whatever the case, feel free to reply to this with your favorite memory. Who knows? You might get some ideas for more….

Who knew that the secret to healthier sk

Who knew that the secret to healthier skin could be sitting in my kitchen right now? Oregano is not just for spaghetti anymore! #ClemmonsTraceVillage.

Random Acts of Kindness. Such a simple c

Random Acts of Kindness. Such a simple concept, but oh how powerful it can be. We all know how easy it is to get caught up in the stress and worry of the world. However, imagine if everyone just one time a day would do something nice for someone else. That action would inspire them to “pay it forward”, and soon the world may just be a better place. It could be paying for the coffee of the person ahead of you in line or offering a flower to someone you see who looks down. Maybe it means talking to that man or woman that you see on the street everyday and avoid, giving them a sense of human value. Whatever your action, we encourage everyone to commit some Random Act of Kindness and share it online. Share it to #CTVRAK or #ClemmonsTraceVillage or #RandomActs. Whose life can you change today?

Motivational speakers are forever trying

Motivational speakers are forever trying to give us encouragement to get out and face life; to embrace challenges; to make the present all that it can be. To that end, we at #ClemmonsTraceVillage realize that life is truly about seizing every moment that life can offer. To help you do that, we offer these thoughts on how you can get ahead just by the simple act of getting out of bed! Enjoy!

Looking for ways to clean pesky househol

Looking for ways to clean pesky household projects? Ever thought of using salt to clean an iron? How about OxyClean to remove labels? If you are like us at #ClemmonsTraceVillage, the answer is no. Therefore, we hope that you find these tips useful and handy.

A Deep Thought from #ClemmonsTraceVillag

A Deep Thought from #ClemmonsTraceVillage. Enjoy.

We belatedly welcome Summer. Spring, our

We belatedly welcome Summer. Spring, our time together this year was wet but good. Thank you for nourishing the flowers and grass. We only ask Summer to be as kind. And, if Summer is not so kind and decides to bring us scorching temperatures, we remind everyone that the air at #ClemmonsTraceVillage is friendly and inviting. Come find out for yourself today!