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Life is so short and hectic that we ofte

Life is so short and hectic that we often need to take time to remember its beauty and wonder. We at #ClemmonsTraceVillage would like to pass along these simple tips that we hope will help do just that. These are some very insightful thoughts. We hope you enjoy.

In recognition of Armed Forces Day, we a

In recognition of Armed Forces Day, we at #ClemmonsTraceVillage salute all of those who have served, serve today, and will serve our country. We are honored and humbled by your service, and stand at attention for you this day, and everyday.

As part of this time, we would like to spotlight a local hero, Specialist Five Lawrence Joel (yes, the same Lawrence Joel that the Coliseum is named for). Check out the link below to the History Channel to read more about Mr. Joel.

“Mothers hold their children’s hands f

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” — Author Unknown. Happy Mother’s Day to all who have nursed a sick cough, mended a broken heart, or covered your mouth to keep from laughing when you should be mad. We at #ClemmonsTraceVillage recognize that not all parents come into the role in the same way, but all have a profound effect. For that, we salute you.

If you are looking for a creative projec

If you are looking for a creative project for Mom that is more personal than a store-bought card or meal at a restaurant, please check this out for some great ideas. Courtesy of your friends at #ClemmonsTraceVillage.

Happy birthday to US, happy birthday to

Happy birthday to US, happy birthday to US, happy birthday dear #ClemmonsTraceVillage, happy birthday to US! #ClemmonsTraceVillage is proud to announce our 1st #Anniversary today! This has been an exciting year that brought lots of changes, with more to come. We want to thank our residents, staff, and friends for making so much success possible! And, if you think last year was good, stick around to see what is coming!

Moving always brings questions and unfam

Moving always brings questions and unfamiliarity. What is there? Where can I get a haircut? What restaurants are good? What is there to do? We at #ClemmonsTraceVillage hope that this helps give some good insight and ideas. And, of course, there is much that #Clemmons has to offer…hint, hint.

Congratulations and welcome to your new home! Now’s the time to explore. A new neighborhood can be extremely exciting, but also a wee bit daunting. A mix of technology and old-school exploration can be just the ticket to graduating from the status of “neighborhood newbie” that much more quickly.

As the skies turn #CarolinaPanther blue

As the skies turn #CarolinaPanther blue and the flowers bloom brighter, #ClemmonsTraceVillage is blooming with color and opportunities. Come see us today! We do not descriminate, so all are welcomed. #Redskins, #Cowboys, #Steelers, and even #Patriots fans are welcomed.

Water is something that we all use, and

Water is something that we all use, and need, everyday. However, you would be surprised how that “little drip” can add up, and what it can do. We at #ClemmonsTraceVillage hope that you find this useful and informative.

When it comes to spring cleaning, the on

When it comes to spring cleaning, the only way to do it right is to go green. Not only are non-toxic cleaning products better for your health, there’s another bonus: This is one of those times when going green also saves you money! Not only are the following five ingredients good for your health and your home’s cleanliness, they also cost way less to keep on hand than commercial cleaners. #ClemmonsTraceVillage

#ClemmonsTraceVillage wishes all of our

#ClemmonsTraceVillage wishes all of our residents, staff, and friends a happy and safe Easter. Thank you all for being the rising sun that lights our path.