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Our New Personal Trainer: Noelle

shutterstock_175667720We have a new Resident Personal Trainer, Noelle, at CTV to help you get prepared for those New Year’s Resolutions! She has prepared some fit tips for holiday survival…

“Surviving the holidays is one of the hot topics in health and fitness. With all the Christmas cookies, New Year’s drinks and, not to mention that delicious spread on Thanksgiving, we need to create an agenda that will help limit the affect it will have on our health. The number one thing I tell my clients is to plan ahead. Here is a list of things to
initiate throughout the holiday cheer:

  • Schedule in a work out and allow time for yourself.
  • Pre-portion meals and use a smaller plate.
  • Keep the cookies in the freezer or out of sight when company
    is not around.
  • You will eat less wrapped candies than ones that are sitting
    there ready and waiting.
  • Allow yourself a dessert, just not 5 or 6.
  • Eat slower and keep in touch with how you are feeling- it
    takes up to 20 minutes before you feel signs that you are
    getting full.

But with all that being said, ultimately just enjoy your holidays, have fun with family and friends! Don’t stress yourself if you can’t follow to your plan exactly; just do the best you can. One day isn’t going to kill your diet or health plan, when it becomes a habit is when you see the negative impact.”